Tube blanks

stainless steel tubes in most alloy types, the tubes are turned and cut to size according to customer requirements. The smallest outer diameter is around 70mm and the largest around 700mm. Pipes are often cut into short lengths (trays) with broken edges.
which facilitates safe handling during subsequent processing.

Machined products

Based on our centrifugally cast material, we process machined products according to the customer’s drawings and specifications. We can also finish the customer’s material (subcontracting). We can machine up to 1 meter in diameter
and 4 meters long in horizontal lathes and up to 2.4 meters in diameter and 1.5 meters high in vertical lathes.

Investment castings

We have extensive experience in investment casting, also known as lost wax casting in stainless steel materials. The method is well suited for parts up to 60 kg/piece and short to medium series for parts with complex geometry and high surface finish requirements. The casting method minimizes
the need for subsequent machining and the tooling cost is low compared to other casting methods and our commercial products are cast by partners. 


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