Finished components

Finished components

We supply high quality, finished components based on our centrifugally cast material but we also finish on purchased material. No detail is too small or too big. Read more about our capacity below.


Our horizontal lathes enable the processing of components up to 1 meter in diameter and 4 meters in length. In addition, our vertical lathes can handle even larger dimensions, with a capacity of up to 2.4 meters in diameter and 1.5 meters in height. We aim to offer our customers a seamless and efficient process from concept to finished product.


Whether for prototypes, small series or large-scale production, our team of experienced machine operators and engineers can meet different production needs. We understand the importance of delivering components that not only meet technical requirements but are also cost-effective and sustainable.

Contact us to discuss your needs and let us show you how our finished components can optimize your manufacturing process and meet your unique requirements. With our expertise and technical capabilities, we are ready to deliver tailor-made solutions that drive your business forward.

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Whether your needs range from small series to large-scale production, Laholm Stål is the obvious choice for high-quality steel products. We are committed to delivering tailor-made solutions that meet your specific requirements. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and discover how we can become your trusted partner in steel casting and manufacturing.

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